Changing Lives One Student at a Time

Our mission is to properly train, qualify and certify every individual that wishes to own and operate a hood & duct cleaning business in the proper techniques, to insure the safety of the restaurants that we clean and the safety of our CHDCA candidates, and that our restaurant owners are satisfied in the care that they receive.  We strive to provide the best kitchen exhaust cleaning training through our Hood Cleaning School.

To serve you the best that we can here at Hood Cleaning School to help you achieve your goals.

Use a learn-by-doing, Total Immersion approach to train our students to work in actual restaurants.

Develop lifelong business relationships with our students.

Conduct research aimed at improving our services and increasing the body of knowledge about the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry.

Promote our services. Share what we’ve learned with our students. Participate in efforts to create and promote relevant standards. Disseminate technology and practices to others. Develop relationships with organizations pursuing similar goals. Provide leadership in these activities.

Develop a model and plan for long-term sustainability and growth for our school organization and services.