We welcome you to the Certified Hood & Duct Cleaners Association, a Kitchen Grease Exhaust Cleaning Certification Professional Association. Get Certified TODAY for as little as $250!
Option 1: Certification Preparatory Course
$ 999.00 /Annual

  • Cost $999 per person certified
  • Training Online
  • CHDCA Membership / Certification provided once test taker has passed the test, photos/insurance has been submitted, and proof of experience (500 hours).
  • Certification Expires Renews annually at $250/yr
  • Experience required Yes
  • Prior Certification required NO
  • Be at least 18 yrs old Yes
  • For More Info Call 864-210-0199 to Schedule Online Class
  • Have to attend classes in  NO
  • Inperson classes are held in : Chicagoland Market USA
  • Can do online YES
  • Takes 100 question online exam Yes
  • Class Size One on One Training

Option 2 : Experienced Hood Cleaner Option
$ 250.00 /Annual

  • Cost $250 per person certified
  • Length of training Online N/A
  • CHDCA Membership 1 Year
  • Certification Expires Renews annually at $250/yr
  • Optional Equipment available Yes
  • Experience required YES
  • Prior Certification required NO
  • Be at least 18 yrs old Yes
  • Classes required NO
  • Have to attend classes in  NO
  • Inperson classes are held in : N/A
  • Can do online YES
  • Takes 100 question written exam Yes
  • Class Size See option 1  or Call 864-210-0199 to Schedule Class

1 Year Renewal CHDCA Certification
$ 255.55 /Annual
2 Year Renewal CHDCA Certification
$ 355.55 /Annual
3 Year Renewal CHDCA Certification
$ 405.55 /Annual

“Joining CHDCA Is The BEST Thing That I’ve Done”

We are an organization that represents a nationwide network of independent Certified Hood & Duct Cleaners.

Our network stretches from Alaska to Florida, California to Maine and from Alabama to Ontario. Each of our members are independent Owners of their companies. No work is subcontracted out. We are adding new members all the time.

Need to get a quote from one of our members?  Click Here to Request that one of our members contact you directly.

If you have been in the kitchen grease exhaust cleaning business, and can document 500 hours of recent experience, then you have the option to get Certified via a written exam that is emailed to you.  It is a very affordable to get certified for either 1 year for $250, 2 years for $350 or 3 years for $400.  You’ll need to submit 10 sets of before/after pictures from 10 different restaurants that you have recently cleaned, proof of 500 hours of experience, and current proof of liability insurance along with completion of a 140 question written exam based upon the NFPA 96 Standards.

NFPA 96 Certification Preparation Course. This is an online (via Internet Sharing Computer Screens) intensive one on one NFPA 96 Coaching session. You are guaranteed to pass the 140 question written exam after completion of this course. You will be issued a 90 day temporary Certification, to allow you time to complete your 10 sets of before/after pictures and proof of insurance. Once you have completed your pictures and proof of insurance, you’ll be issued a 1 year Certification. This course is a one on one course, which allows you to learn at your style and pace. This course is designed for someone who needs NPFA 96 Technical knowledge.  It will cover OSHA, pressure washers, EPA, chemicals, and general Kitchen Grease Exhaust Cleaning questions that you will see on the written exam.  Click Get Certified Today to get started.

We use and follow the NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations as our gold standard for kitchen exhaust cleaning.

We offer 140 question written exam based off of the NFPA 96 and real world “experience” cleaning hoods.

We work with out of Nashville, TN to train those who need a to be set up with a complete turn-key hood & duct cleaning business.

We offer solutions to help you meet the NFPA 96 requirements to be certified to clean kitchen exhaust systems.

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