CHDCA Philosophy

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Our Philopshy

Our Philosophy is very simple, make sure that you are properly trained, qualified, and certified to clean kitchen grease exhaust systems. According to the NFPA 96 Standards, it is now required that you be certified in order to clean kitchen exhaust systems. Up until now, you had to join expensive members-only clubs in order to become certified, and you had very little to show for it. But now you have more choices to become certified and to certify your employees to clean kitchen grease exhaust systems.

We keep our members current with the trends in the industry by having continuous lines of communication with our members. Our members have access to a NFPA 96 Technical Code Expert and the ability to be e-mailed any changes in the industry. These lines of communication allow our members to have a direct line of communication with CHDCA.

Our Goals

Our goal is to increase the knowledge of hood and duct cleaners who are operating kitchen grease exhaust cleaning companies while providing value to the certification.

We feel that certification will add credibility to your organization and show the Authorities Having Jurisdiction that you are a properly trained, qualified and certified kitchen exhaust cleaning company.

We invite you to become certified by taking our exclusive correspondence Certification Only exam for experienced kitchen grease exhaust cleaners and becoming a Certified Hood & Duct Cleaner. We offer certification based on the NFPA 96 standards via a 100-question online exam.

We expect before and after photos of every job to be kept by our members. In fact, it is an annual requirement to keep your certification in an active state with the CHDCA. It is taught by our Hood Cleaning School and we expect it from our members as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call. We look forward to helping you with your kitchen grease exhaust cleaning certification need

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”I Like The 24/7 Network Of Support That I Get As A Member So That I Can Get My Questions Answered By Professional Hood Cleaners When I Need Help… This Alone Is Worth Every Penny!”

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Our Objectives

NFPA 96 requires you to be certified to perform kitchen exhaust cleaning. Knowledge is the best tool to protect yourself, your customers and your liability. We are here to make sure you have all the resources to get certified and be successful. CHDCA is about Training and Education. Our goal is to provide education to those performing Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services. Whether you are an employee, contractor, or business owner, we can help you keep your location(s) fire safe and provide the knowledge needed to succeed. Education is the cornerstone to understanding, improving, and advancing in the industry. Please call at 1-864-210-0199 between 8-5 PM CST. We are here to help you in any way that we can.

Get Certified and Level Up Your Hood Cleaning Business!